ONE OF A KIND, Once the proof process is finished I take the printed canvas to my studio where I start working on it, adding new collages and creating a similar but distinct artwork. Based on the original, I customizes each piece with new collages converting it into an Unique Work of Art. Over 150 differences can be found between each of the artworks of this series, guaranteeing the buyer the acquisition of One-of-a-Kind Ruiz Bry Unique Artwork.

The One-of-a-Kind Limited Edition is available in 48 x 48 inches (same as the original) and 40 x 40 inches. Each piece is signed by  me and comes with its own hologram and Certificate of Authenticity making it a unique collectible artwork.

From the first day I personally supervises all the reproduction process of each copyrighted original pieces. The first step is to digitalize the artwork utilizing professional high-resolution cameras capable of catching the minimum detail.

The second step are the proofs which can take from days to weeks. The editor and myself examine the proofs one by one next to the original until a final proof is created and signed.

The archival pigments and museum quality papers and canvas used in the process are prepared to last for centuries. I work with the same editor, the same machine, the same support (canvas or paper) and the same pigments assuring that all the limited edition will have the same quality.
By numbering and signing each piece, the quantity of each print is limited in order to preserve the quality and create a collectible artwork. 

The Process